Saturday, December 11, 2010

Three daily tasks for a happy, healthy home

Welcome to Miss Martha's Health 4 Your Family!

Many years ago a group of us young mothers were suffering from fatigue, general grumpiness and a never ending list of things we could not get done.  Worse than the tiredness, sad dispositions and stacks of stacks piling up around us, we saw no way to change the situation.
Then, one day, it became very clear what my priorities were as a young wife and mother, [who also just happened to be a Pastor's Wife (yikes! more stuff to do) and a full time nursing student (with real, live patients!)]

And in this first blog, I will share three secrets of a happy, healthy home.  I promise you will not be disappointed if you follow these three simple tasks each day.  I have shared this advice many times over the years and not one young woman has disputed the value of these three remarkable, life changing, implementations to their daily routine.

Number One...write these down.
Make sure that your family gets the appropriate affection from you each day.   Hugs and kisses for all the children several times a day, along with little back rubs and some hand holding while you lead them through the day.  It includes affection on the grandest scale for your husband.  First and foremost, this is number one.

Number Two....are you writing this down?
Prepare one good meal each day for yourself and your family.  I suggest making a meal that you want to eat and sitting down to eat it with your family.  If you can squeeze two good meals into each day, that is fabulous.  Be sure to make a dish that you like and will enjoy everyday/every meal.

Number Three....this one is very important and could be considered either number one or number two.
Whatever happens during your day, do not neglect to sit on the pot ( as my Mama would say).
You simply must poop each day.  Again, if you think your family cannot live without you for 5 or 10 minutes, you are wrong.  And when you pee, take enough time to finish.  Women jump up and run to the next chore and seldom take care to properly complete this simple, simple, bare necessity of life.

There you have it!  Three daily tasks for a happy, healthy home.  Wives and mothers who accomplish just these three easy tasks each day are never cold hearted, hungry or constipated and this, I promise, makes the home a much happier, healthy place for everyone.  And the list of things you must get done will get done in due time. 

Please join me again for Miss Martha's Health 4 Your Family!

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  1. I remember talking about these three things while sitting at your kitchen table and eating all your homemade pickles! Great advice then and great advice now!